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Marvel Pureflo cold water distribution system uses its own custom blend of Lead Free uPVC compound to ensure that desirable physical properties are maintained with every production run. Use of Lead free compound ensures that they are non-toxic and safe for potable water. Marvel uPVC piping exhibit exceptional consistent quality with uniform properties.

The state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities & best quality material used to produce Marvel uPVC Pureflo pipes, add to the strength and durability, that is unmatched by any other system available in the market.

The special UV stabilized compound, improves the weather ability of the Marvel uPVC system. Further, the special impact resistant compound, improves the strength of the system ensuring an enduring life span when installed.

The smooth surface of the Marvel uPVC system provides a choke-free system with almost no maintenance cost.

The maximum recommended service temperature of these pipes is 60º C (140º F). Marvel recommends use of Marvel marked solvent cement for these pipes.

SIZES OF uPVC PIPES: 1/2″ (15mm) to 4″ (100mm) IPS in Sch-40 as per ASTM D 1785

• Suitable for potable water as it is Lead Free
• Chemical and corrosion resistance
• Strong & Light in weight.
• Low friction loss
• UV & Fire resistant
• Easy solvent cement based cold welding process to install
• Cost effective
• Immunity to galvanic or electrolytic attack
• Longer life

• Cold water plumbing application in buildings
• Swimming pools
• Water and waste water treatment
• Potable water distribution systems
• Agricultural
• Irrigation
• Industrials process lines
• Aggressive / corrosive fluid transportation
• Dye plants, chrome, zinc plating and tanning plants
• Sugar, paper and distillery industries
• Coal washing and handling

*Only pipes manufactured by Marvel. Fittings shown here are to give a complete picture of the system.