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Marvel Borewell casing uPVC Pipes are manufactured using its own custom blend of Lead Free uPVC compound to ensure that desirable physical properties are maintained and that the piping exhibit exceptional consistent quality with uniform properties. Use of Lead free PVC compound ensures that they are non-toxic and safe for potable water.

The heart of any water well is the casing pipe. Properly selected and installed, it ensures that the water well remains a perennial source of clean water. Since some years ago, the only choice was metal pipes. The inherent disadvantages were corrosion of casing pipes, deterioration of pipes, and formation of bacteria, resulting in abandonment of wells and, even worse, contamination of the water source. Today, modern technology has enabled us to make use of plastic pipes for this application. Marvel BoreWell u-PVC casing pipes score tremendously over conventional metal piping because they are tough, do not corrode and last for years.

Maximum hydraulic loading on casing pipes occurs during installation, gravel packing, back filling and development of the water well. Hydrostatic pressure is caused by the column of drilling fluid or water present in the borehole. Rapid installation of a gravel pack or back fill increases the pressure on casing pipes. Bridging and later collapse of gravel or backfill into the borehole can further subject casing pipes to shock loads. Poor mud control during water well development can also subject the casing to hydrostatic or differential pressure loading. Marvel BoreWell casing pipes have the capacity to withstand this hydraulic pressure, thereby ensuring long term service performance.

The pipes are available in 3mtr length in sliding socket type sockets.

SIZES OF uPVC Pipes: 110mm in & 114mm (Class C) Sliding Socket Type

• Hygienic as manufactured from Lead Free PVC compound
• Manufactured from special PVC compound having extra toughness
• High impact strength
• PVC being an inert material most of the chemicals found in soil and water do not affect the casing
• Corrosion resistance
• Chemical rehabilitation possible when chocking occurs due to encrustation
• Casing available in 110mm (As per local requirement) & 114mm (As per IS : 12818)
• Smooth bore, hence excellent flow properties
• Longer life