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Features and Benefits of Marvel Flowguard™

The boom in the building and construction industry, especially in the housing and commercial building sector has fueled high demand for cost effective, reliable, quality piping and plumbing systems. The choice of piping systems for water utilities is based on overall long term value. They must deliver on factors like long term costs, reliability, versatility, environmental effect, drinking water safety and public health. Marvel® FlowGuard™ products are the ideal choice, because they are corrosion resistant, durable, smooth, friction free, resistant to bacterial growth and environment friendly, besides a host of other user friendly features. Compared to GI, PP-R, and other CPVC, Marvel® FlowGuard™ products provide superior performance and material installation benefits. Here are just some of the advantages that Marvel® FlowGuard™ products offer compared to the competition.

Why Marvel Flowguard™

Marvel® FlowGuard™ pipes are manufactured in Nepal under license from The Lubrizol Corporation, USA. Lubrizol is a specialty chemical innovator and a leader in CPVC technology. The raw material is processed in state-of-the art manufacturing facility approved by our licensee. The main extrude is from Europe and rest of the machinery is sourced from leading Indian vendors. The plant also boasts of a Lab that has one of the best testing facilities in the country. The production and testing manpower have necessary experience in their fields to offer one of the best pipe in the country.